How we revived a ‘dead’ list to increase sales by 15% overall in less than a year

The challenge: the classic non-emailer. Apart from compulsory Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals prior to signing on, to say communication was sparse would be an understatement. The hurdle would be actually getting emails opened in order for subscribers to take action.

We had a two key goals: use segmentation drive more repeat purchases from existing customers and convert new leads by leveraging content via a weekly newsletter.

The first step was to change ‘how’ the products were sold by adding additional SKUs in the form of product bundles. Existing customers would now get the benefit of complimentary products at a scaled rate when compared to purchasing each component product individually. Step two: find a nearby calendar. The key was to pre-empt any relevant holidays with a targeted promotion for their core audience. And finally, step three: design and verbiage. It was important that the brand color was prominent in all aspects of the visual presentation while the tone was meant to be educational yet approachable and culturally current.

With that in place, we got to work! *cracks knuckles*

What We Shared

  • How-to blog posts that empowered the reader to achieve a desired result (with product integrations) or current events that would be relevant to the target market
  • Company news such as press mentions, upcoming events and recaps of those events
  • Promotions (list-wide and to particular segments

How We Shared

The baseline was one content email toward the top of the week and one promotional email toward the weekend. The total amount of emails sent on any given week was based on what the promotion was and if a series of follow-up emails for non-openers or non-purchasers was required.

What We Measured

As mentioned, one of our primary goals was to increase repeat purchases. Customers who generally have a positive experience with the product often buy in larger quantities when they come back so you can see that relationship below:

Case Study Proof 2

For any successful business, being able to increase average order value (AOV) while decreasing the time between purchases is like gold. That means your customer’s lifetime value goes up as well.

Email Performance

What’s great is that we were able to bring deliverability up to 99.9%. It’s always helpful when the emails you send actually reach the inbox. The biggest lesson here was the importance of list health. As the list grew (up 155% per last tally) with more qualified leads, the subscribers that were just ‘hanging around’ actually hurt the overall open rate, with it floating just below industry average.

But for engaged subscribers, success was measured in some key metrics that correlate with the graph below:

Over 90% of clicked emails resulted in an ‘add to cart’ and just about half of those closed on the spot (a portion of the rest were gobbled up by abandoned cart automation). Not too shabby 🙂

Overall, we tacked on just about 15% (14.78% for the sticklers) to their bottom line in ecommerce sales for the year. Now that’s something you can take to the bank!

Email marketing can be a high yield converter and relationship building tool, with the right strategy.

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