What We Believe

At StellarEmails, three core values inform our approach and impact when it comes to email marketing:

Everyone loves a good story.

That’s why we place the highest value on building the customer relationship. Shoppers respond to authentic, relevant, engaging and consistent communication. We help brands position their offers for success by speaking their customers’ language, using relevant incentives (no more sales just for sales sake), and adding tasteful design to bring it all together in one cohesive package.

Transactions don’t end when the package is delivered.

Successful businesses are built on repeat customers, not just one-time buyers. We help brands shift the paradigm and maximize ROI by taking their top of funnel investment and creating a system that encourages engagement, drives traffic and compels shoppers to buy more and buy more often. At Stellar Emails, we call that having a ‘sticky’ brand—always top of mind and the first place your customers want to shop.

Not every subscriber is a customer.

We’ll take a clean list over a large list any day of the week. Behavior is the best indicator of success for any monetization strategy, especially when it comes to email marketing. While we’ll take every effort to recover and convert inactive subscribers, we also know when it’s time to let go. Real customers take action and we love action-takers!

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